Getting Things Done by Asking for Help

Enlisting aid can be life-saving!

Enlisting aid can be life-saving!

Do you have trouble following through on your resolutions or good intentions to get things done?

Have you ever taken a day off work or dedicated a weekend to “just get something done” and then find – after many hours – that you’ve created more of a mess than when you started?

The culture we live in values self-sufficiency. We believe that we should be able to do it all ourselves.  There are other options.  Even if it’s a task that you KNOW you could accomplish on your own,

If you’re not doing it, why not make it more fun for yourself and bring on a helper?

If you can give yourself permission to have help, there are lots of ways to get it:

  • Set up a trade with a friend.  You spend an hour helping them and they do the same for you
  • Schedule a housecleaning appointment. Their impending visit can inspire you to just get stuff done.
  • Join an online community such as or to inspire you on a daily or weekly basis
  • Find a regular accountability partner or support group. Schedule weekly or monthly time to make commitments and support each other to follow through.
  • Check out Clutterers Anonymous, a 12-Step solution for people who share a desire to stop cluttering
  • Meet other Productivity Devotees through Getting Things Done (GTD®) seminars
  • Hire a Professional Organizer to guide you and help you monitor your intentions

Commit to get help.  Just do it!   Reach out!

What gets in the way of reaching out? Comment here!


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One response to “Getting Things Done by Asking for Help

  1. Pete

    Great suggestions! My sister always struggled to keep her home organized, especially after having kids. But, once she hired a house cleaner to come once a week, she was suddenly able to get it done. Funny as it is, she didn’t want her cleaner to see a messy house. So, she gets organized every Tuesday and then the cleaner comes and cleaned every Wednesday. She’s been doing it for years and it still works!

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