Making Room for Toys

Prepare for the invasion!

Prepare for the invasion!

Balls and trains and bears, Oh My!

It’s that time of year…the new toy deluge! You may be wishing you got a magic wand for Christmas or Hanukkah to wave and create space for all the toys.

The key to organized toy storage is adequate shelving and right-size containers.

  • Most kids will play with the things they can clearly see and easily get to
  • Open shelving 12-16” deep works best for toys
  • Use labeled containers where it makes sense to group similar small toys together: one for all Playmobil®, one for magnetic toy building sets, one for doll clothes, etc.
  • Larger toys can sit out on the shelf and don’t need a container
  • Legos®: don’t waste your time and money on complicated sorting systems; kids rarely keep them sorted. A large shallow tub they can paw through works best
  • Accept the reality that there will always be some amount of miscellanea – the giveaways from birthday parties, small trinkets, etc that need their own container. Use a container as a limiter – only allow as much as will fit.

Schedule a purge before holidays and birthdays.

Make room in advance for the new toys by making a point to gather donations of older or unused toys ahead of time.

And yes, it is perfectly fine to purge toys behind your kids’ backs! If possible, however, involving your kids in the process helps teach them about setting limits and generosity.

What’s your toy challenge?  Comment here.


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