Making Time for Fun



Find a balance for work and play.

Find a balance for work and play.

Getting organized is all well-and-good, but there needs to be a reward for all your efforts.  Remembering that the point of being organized is to have a rich life created with intention. Don’t forget to set aside time to enjoy that life you are creating! Should you delay your reward until all the work is done?  We think not!

How do you make time for fun in your life?  Do you always feel like you’re “taking care of business?”  Try these tips to keep clutter at bay while leaving space and time for enjoyment.

  • Use a ten-minute timer to track your organizing sessions
  • Give yourself rewards for time spent “being productive”
  • Commit to a friend or colleague that you’ll limit the time you are working on your home improvement campaign
  • Schedule events, buy tickets, make dates – to create a balance of work and play
  • Block out a regular times each week to work your organizing projects
  • Make a game out of the organizing process. The recommends a regular session of the 27-fling boogie.  During this session you flit around the house, finding 27 things that can be jettisoned…put them aside in a box to bring to donation and then you’re done!

Structuring your organizing time can help you stay motivated and make progress you can see.

And, when you’re out, having fun, enjoying the view from the top of the Ferris wheel, you’ll get a perspective on your life that will enrich you.

What do you do to balance work and play in your life?


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