Not Enough Time in the Day?

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Every so often we will invite a guest writer to post. This week’s is written by Sydney Metrick, Ph.D. of Artful Coaching.

How can you fit all your tasks and commitments into a mere 24 hours, especially if you’d like to sleep for around eight of them? Just like sorting is the first step in de-cluttering, the same principle is used for time management.

The first step is to define the big categories of your life. Examples would be self-care, which might include sleep, exercise, eating, hygiene…get the picture? Then consider what would fall into the category of home. Perhaps yard work, laundry, cooking, cleaning, or even shopping. Of course you want to consider relationships with friends, family, and significant other. Next work and whatever that includes, depending on if you’re self-employed or have a job. Creative expression or hobbies might be another category.

Consider if any of the categories have “to-do’s” that must be done daily, or weekly, or whenever. Now look at your calendar and begin to design your life. When is the best time of the day and of the week for you to do each thing? Which things are recurring? How long do they actually take? Does it take more than five minutes to make the bed? More than 30 seconds to hang up your jacket? The 30 second rule is “anything that takes 30 seconds or less, why not do it now?”

Designing your day is like organizing your home or office. You decide what you use (or do) frequently, and where it will live (on your calendar and thus, in your day). Two more tips: Color coding the categories helps, and thinking of your calendar as a commitment book lets you say no to last minute enticements.

Artful Coaching works with people who have ADHD and other non-linear thinkers providing unwavering support and enthusiastic encouragement, along with practical tools and resources.  Together we target their most challenging areas, developing strategies and habits which create ongoing accomplishments.


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