Finding the Right Fit


There is a deep sense of harmony and “rightness” when our homes FIT us – both in size and in style. We know that “right” feeling when our living spaces accurately reflect whom we are and how we want to live.

We know this to be true with our clothes – when our clothes fit us, in size and style, we feel powerful and wonderful. As a result we look great! That power comes from the harmony between how we think of ourselves and how we show that through the external layer of our clothes.

I (Dana) got to experience this first-hand when working with a personal stylist this week. I felt like my clothing wasn’t in sync with who I am, and how I want to present myself in the world. I wanted to fully express my creativity and confidence. I decided to invite in a stylist to help me audit my clothes.

I was struck by how many similarities there are between the psychology and process of home organizing and evaluating our clothing.

As we pulled out clothes I had to look at them from a fresh perspective – why do I own this? How does it work with other clothes? How does it make me feel when I wear it?

Purging our homes of clutter requires the same step toward objectivity to reflect on how the items we own enhance or hinder our ideal lives.

I came across several pieces of clothes I loved for their color or texture but, with the help of the stylist, was able to see how their cut or fit did not bring out my best qualities. How do the items in your home help bring our your best qualities – as a hobbyist, parent, or homemaker?

When we get rid of clutter and set up our home in a way that reflects who we truly are, we create a sense of harmony. Just like wearing something that fits you well and shows off your true spirit.

The stylist Dana worked with is Jalyn Tani Lang.

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  1. Thanks, Dana, for such a heartfelt posting. It was truly a pleasure to work with you, with your insightful appreciation of the process.

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