Excuse: “I Can’t Get Rid of It – It’s Worth A Lot of Money”

There are financial and emotional costs to holding on to clutter

What is the cost of storing unneeded or unwanted items?

Feeling like something is worth a lot of money is a common reason people hold onto things.  Even if they don’t like it or don’t use it anymore, it’s hard to let it go.  Peter Walsh, in It’s All Too Much, and It’s All Too Much Workbook gives perspective on this puzzle.

 Excuse: “ I can’t get rid of it – it’s worth a lot of money.”

Excuse Buster: “I’m paying dearly now for the space and energy it is taking up in my home.”

 “You spent good money on this stuff, so you hold out hope that you can eke some value out of it.  Holding onto the item feels like holding onto the money you spend – somehow.”:

“Clutter robs us of real value.  Think about how much you pay for your house in rent or mortgage. Every square foot of your house is costing you money.  If you have a spare bedroom that is full of clutter and unusable, you’re wasting a good portion of your monthly housing expenses on that inaccessible room every single month!  Is that room worth the storage fees you’re paying?”

“What is that clutter now costing you in ways far beyond the initial financial outlay?  In stress?  In your health? In your relationships with your family members?  In embarrassment?  Costs come in lots of different currencies.”

Some things really do have resale value – and there are ways to recoup your expenses – but most often, those expensive skis you used once (10 years ago) are not going to be worth your time and energy to resell.

Our experience is that when our clients release items of perceived value, they report a feelings of freedom and lightness — not regret!

What percentage of your living space is taken up with things you really don’t need or want?


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