10 Tips For Decluttering Boomers

Overwhelmed with multi-generational clutter?

Overwhelmed with multi-generational clutter?

We were happy to see an article on organizing by Amy Hoak.  It was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch recently. The challenges boomers face to wade through the accumulation of their own possessions, their children’s and often their parents’ seems to be universal.

Of the 10 tips for decluttering Boomers the author describes, these tips stand out:

Break it up into baby steps

For any of us without a lot of time, it’s easier to think of doing your project in discreet chunks. For example, tackling a whole closet might put us over the edge, but what about gathering all the unused shoes in a box as a baby step?

There’s always next time

Getting organized is a layered process, it’s not a “one-time” project. Going through these layers of accumulation is like peeling back an onion…especially with the complexity of emotions and memories that are wrapped up in them. Count on having to back through things a few times to attain your vision of “organized.”

Amy points to finding a “sentimental solution” to disposing of things you don’t want. Just as it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize – having a goal for your project–it helps to have a charity in mind that you feel really good about giving to. That’s another bonus of decluttering; you get to be a philanthropist and support important causes with your overflow.

The overall message is:  you’re not alone in your clutter overwhelm, there’s a process to handle it, and it takes time…but it’s so worth it!

What’s keeping you from starting on your decluttering project?



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2 responses to “10 Tips For Decluttering Boomers

  1. After purging after my mother’s passing, and then my father’s, and then my uncle’s, I have determined NOT to do that to my children. It is cruel, thoughtless, and not a little selfish to leave your grieving children with attics and basements full of tiny scraps of stuff.

    • Thanks for your comment! Isn’t it true that most of us just get caught up in our own busy lives and don’t think that far ahead? Still, the call for taking care of our business … and our clutter while we still can needs to be heard far and wide.

      We all would be so much happier without all that “stuff” taking up space in our homes and in our consciousness! — Katherine

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