10 Magical Organizing Solutions

Make a Wish, Your Dreams Could Come True

Make a Wish, Your Dreams Could Come True

In the magical spirit of the holidays, we’ve created a list that would guarantee an organized life forever!

  1. A gift list that writes itself with what everyone really wants
  2. An elf to put clothes and shoes in order every day before bedtime
  3. A time warp button to use will to create extra time in the day when needed
  4. Magnetized desk accessories and supplies that jump back to their homes when the magnet is activated.
  5. A mailbox force field that automatically rejects and recycles junk mail
  6. A giving fairy to donate unneeded items to the perfect charity when they most need it
  7. A gratitude enchantment so that every thought to do something nice for someone automatically gets done
  8. A dust vacuum that sucks up all the dust before it lands on furniture and knick-knacks – wait, is there already something like this?  An air purifier?
  9. Magical file folders and paper that file themselves and then self-destruct when expired
  10. An enchanted microphone that translates parents’ commands and instructions into something children welcome and retain

Enjoy the last bits of 2013 and make sure to add these items to your family’s gift list!

Look forward to lots more tips and advice in 2014!


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