Organizing as a Gift

Give your sweetie (or yourself) the gift of a clutter free space

Give your sweetie (or yourself) the gift of a clutter free space

If you feel like you want to celebrate – with a partner or yourself – it can be hard to figure out a gift, especially if you pretty much have what you need.  What do you give somebody who has everything? What about the gift of time and space?

Sharing space with someone can be challenging, especially if you have different comfort levels with clutter. Consider giving an organizing gift to show how much you care:

  • Tackle that chair in your bedroom which always has at least a week’s worth of your clothes laying on it
  • Straighten up the dresser top – get a small container for loose change, organize the jewelry, put away everything else that shouldn’t be living there
  • Take out the backlog paper recycling…and include the extra stacks of magazines, catalogs, and charitable solicitations
  • If you have stuff stored in the garage that prevents your partner’s ability to use the space – clear it out
  • If your partner has a hobby they haven’t had workspace for, clear out some of your things to make space for it
  • Give a gift certificate for organizing services

But don’t get confused… if there’s some area of the house that really bothers YOU but doesn’t bother them, organizing it isn’t necessarily a gift to them. Make sure you are tackling your own clutter – not your partners. The exception would be if your partner has already expressed a desire for help with something of theirs. Keep in mind that a gift has to be something they want.

If you don’t have the bandwidth or skills it’s a perfect time to hire an organizer or ask a friend for some support in getting it done. Check out our post: Asking for Help.

Where is your clutter bothering your partner?

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