5 Common Misconceptions About Being Organized

Is it realistic to think our homes can always look like something from a magazine?

Is it realistic to think our homes can always look like something from a magazine?

You can’t find your keys. Your partner is frustrated with the clutter. Your kids are late to school.  Your glasses keep mysteriously disappearing.  Does this describe you? Don’t let these following misconceptions interfere with your plans to get more organized.  There is hope!

1. Being organized means your home will always look like a photo from Real Simple Magazine

In reality, people don’t live with only 4 items in their closets and no visible evidence of children, relationships or hobbies. Things don’t always get put away in typical household. Organization is primarily about functionality, secondarily about neatness.

2. You will hate the organizing process

Organizing does involve some thinking, but it can be made fun by getting help with the process.  Many of our clients say that getting organized is like having a hundred pound rock removed from their shoulders. Keeping your eyes on the prize can draw you forward to completion.

3. Once you’re organized, you’re done!

The point of being organized is to make the stuff and systems in your home match your life…but life doesn’t hold still for most of us. Life changes: kids grow, hobbies stop and start, work changes. Your organization systems will need regular tune-ups to stay in sync.

4. Organizing is the same as housecleaning

No. A clean home isn’t necessarily organized and being organized doesn’t necessarily mean your home is clean. Organized means everything has a dedicated home so you can pick up and put things away IF you want. Which makes it easier to clean!

5. Getting organized is too expensive

It doesn’t have to be.  You can partner with a friend to make it happen.  You can jumpstart the process with a professional by getting a Professional Assessment and then follow through on your own or with an accountability partner. Don’t forget about all the hidden costs of disorganization – buying you things you already own because you can’t find them, late payments on bills, wasted time and energy spent searching for things.

What misconceptions are keeping you from getting organized?


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