3 Simple Organizing Tools

Getting organized can be easy with just a few simple tools

Getting organized can be easy with just a few simple tools

It’s easy to over-complicate getting organized. Here are some basics tools that can help you get started.

1)  LABELS. Labeling is key to knowing what goes where and having other people know it too.  You can use a fancy label maker, but a sharpie and blue painter’s tape, full adhesive post its or white address labels work just as well. Here’s our favorite label maker by Brother:

2)  CONTAINERS. Lidded containers that can be stacked are the best way to maximize vertical space. These can be cardboard, plastic, wood or any other material. Using containers lets you separate out like items and keep them together which goes a long way towards creating order. Don’t forget to label them!

3)  A DONATION BAG in a dedicated area.  This space in your home should be near the door and earmarked for items on their way out.  Most clutter accumulates because it’s easy to get UPS to deliver, but it’s not so easy to get things picked up.

OK, we couldn’t just stop at 3 so here are 2 bonus tools:

BONUS – A DECISIVE MIND. Clutter is really just the accumulation of un-made decisions.  Sometimes you just have to decide to decide.  Indecision is clutter’s friend. Decisiveness goes along with objectivity. Being able to be a little dispassionate about stuff smoothes the way for deciding what to keep and what to pass along.  If you feel don’t have a decisive mind, you can rent one by hiring an organizer or ask a friend or family member to assist you…just make sure your helper is non-judgmental and kind.

BONUS – TO DO LISTS are essential for task management.  Shopping lists, fix-it lists, packing lists … you can make a list on a chalkboard, on your hand, on paper or your smartphone. The format isn’t as important as the contents.  Having the tasks spelled out makes chipping away at a project fun and manageable!  Can you imagine hosting a party without figuring out the different components to make it successful?  Do you avoid starting projects because it all seems overwhelming? Get the details out of your head and organized onto a list.

What have you found essential to your organizing process? Share your tips!


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