Dump Your Junk (And Help The Environment!)

Trash made into treasures

Trash made into treasures

Unless we know where some of our unwanted possessions can go and be appreciated, it’s challenging to envision a space without them. This week we want to highlight a local gem for helping people shed their excess.

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse offers sanctuary and new hope for household items, office and art supplies, and raw craft materials we no longer need. Finding creative places for the things we don’t need is a challenge for everyone…you want your castoffs to be loved and appreciated!  The Depot and other solid waste diverters rest squarely at the crossroads of ecology, art and education.

Typical things you’ll find at the Depot:

  • sewing notions
  • frames and canvases
  • hundreds of images from posters, magazines, calendars, and postcards
  • unique containers such as tins
  • cardboard tubes, corks, plastic lids
  • everyday household items
  • kids games and books
  • CDs and movies
  • books!
  • jewelry and beads
  • envelopes, staples, small office supplies, paper, pens, markers

For a complete list of items they do and do not accept, see their website. All your donations are tax deductible.

It was originally created by and for teachers but now is a resource for artists, and regular folks too. Teachers are special there – they offer many free items to teachers.

The Depot donates a large portion of the reusable items that are collected to more than 20 local charitable organizations in Contra Costa County and beyond.

There are other similar businesses in the SF Bay Area such as SCRAP in San Francisco and RAFT in San Jose

We’re all in favor of doing a big clear-out, but resist the urge to dump everything in the garbage.  Part of the responsibility of owning something is disposing of it consciously.

Can your cast-offs have a new life with your local teachers or artists?

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