Get Organized, Sleep Like a Baby

This baby can sleep soundly because she doesn't have to worry about clutter.

Sleeping soundly – no worries about clutter.

Everybody knows we need a good night’s sleep to be healthy and productive over the long haul. Being organized can actually help you sleep!

We can see clearly how to help a child get better sleep. We set bedtimes, we create rituals with bath and story time, and we make sure their beds are comfortable and clear so they aren’t distracted. We can use the same techniques for helping us get a good night’s rest.

Sleep Schedule

Have a regular bedtime and wake-up schedule. That way, you can plan for it and put in place some rituals that will help you transition to sleep.

Winding Down

Simple routines at bedtime can help you wind down and quiet your mind.

  • Have bath or shower
  • Light a candle or use aromatherapy
  • Spend a short time reading in bed
  • Get the thoughts out – journal or make lists to empty your mind

Sanctuary Space

Treat your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary. Create some separation from your obligations and responsibilities.

Sometimes people use their bedroom as an office or dumping zone for things without a home or place to hide mess from public spaces. Looking from your bed onto cluttered surfaces can be stressful and distracting.

  • As much as possible keep work and clutter out of your field of vision from the bed. If that’s not possible, drape your workspace/computer/paper piles with a beautiful piece of fabric
  • Limit your nightstand reading material to just a few choices
  • Create clear and simple homes for the supplies you need to have your bedtime routines such as reading, candles, bath/shower supplies

Look around your bedroom – what are 3 simple things you could do to promote a good night’s sleep?

If you’re in the SF Bay Area, you can attend a wellness pop-up event Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 where our colleagues will share tips on getting restful sleep.




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