Top 5 Tips To Keep You Disorganized

Not putting things away will help with disorganization

Not putting things away will help with disorganization

Do you feel like you have too much time and money on your hands? Is your life too simple and you’d like to mix it up a bit? Bored easily and need projects to do?

Here are 5 easy ways to create a bit of chaos and overwhelm in your life … just to keep things interesting:

  1. Have multiple planners, datebooks, or calendars. Not knowing where to look to figure out where you’re supposed to be creates instant challenges. This technique works especially well when you mix paper and digital formats.
  1. Don’t modify your closet design. Just using the hanging bar ensures that folded clothes end up on the floor or stuffed in too-small drawers. Keep shoes in the middle of the room for easy access.
  1. Stuff things where they “fit” as opposed to assigning them a sensible “home.” This goes hand-in-hand with cleaning up by filling bags of random things that clutter your living space and hiding them in the closet or garage – to be sorted “later.”
  1. Never give anything away. Everything has potential. This gives you lots of things to fill up closets and cabinets so active items can live out on surfaces where they’re handy and visible.
  1. Put decisions off. Allow your decisions to accumulate until you are completely overwhelmed – then put them off for another day.

We hope this tongue-in-cheek advice helps give you a different perspective. Sometimes we see things more clearly when we look at them turned upside down. If you take the unconscious choices you make and flip them around as if they were deliberate, you get to see that you do have power in a situation.

If someone were to observe you in your natural habitat, how would they describe your organizing style? What routine behaviors would they notice that contribute to your disorganization? Changing habits isn’t easy but developing new organizing skills starts with awareness.


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