Shift Your Perspective To Declutter

perspective shif

Do you see two faces…or a vase?

The graphic above is an optical illusion of perspective. Which image is “real” –  the vase or the faces? Both, of course. The value we place on objects in our lives is changeable depending on your perspective.

Katherine just returned from a trip abroad. Carrying around her needed items in just a couple bags reminded her how important it is to travel light…on a trip and in life. It’s easier to be spontaneous when you have fewer burdens.

  • Need to change hotel rooms? With just a small amount to pack, it can be easy
  • Have to run for a train? It wouldn’t happen if you have 3 cumbersome pieces of luggage to drag along; things can happen faster with a lighter load
  • Can’t find the apartment you rented? Have to trek up and down stairs, looking for the right address? It keeps the stress level down to not be overwhelmed with too much stuff

Dana recently worked with two clients who had to pack up and move on short notice. This is what she learned about perspectives:

  • When we’re on a deadline decisions are easier to make. The time pressure leaves no time for lingering in limbo; decisions have to be made. The ability to make timely, definitive decisions is at the heart of decluttering.
  • There’s a sense of relief with the urgent need to shed stuff. It’s not easy but it feels great to finally clear out stuff you’ve been meaning to but never get around to. The outside push to makes it happen.
  • Both families noticed a perspective shift and were able to see their belongings through a different lens. Our relationships with our things aren’t permanent or fixed. These attachments we have feel fixed, but it doesn’t take much of a shift in circumstances to cause a shift how we see those same objects.

Barring introducing something really unpleasant into your life, how can you generate some urgency to get things done?

  • Host a party! The promise that 10 people will be showing up to your door can create that sense of urgency needed to get stuff cleared off your dining room table or to arrange your living room to be welcoming and conducive to conversation.
  • Set a date and hire a painter to get a room painted and you’ll be sure that at least one room will be cleared out.
  • Schedule a donation pick up, guaranteed you’ll at least have a bag or two on the curb a bit less stuff cluttering up your house.

P.S. – It’s not to late to sign up for the workshop on disaster preparedness this Friday!


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