“Products We Love” Series – Purse Perfector®

The Purse Perfector® is not a new product on the market, but it’s new to me.  I’ve been using the system and love that I can easily switch work bags or purses without having to dump out and rearrange everything each time.

This handy item has all sorts of pockets and compartments.  The two main compartments can zip apart to make 2 separate systems.

Here’s how I used it during the conference I just attended:

Purse Perfector 1

Here’s my stuff

Purse Perfector 2

Here is the Purse Perfector® I bought. It comes in different colors and in 2 sizes.

Purse Perfector 3

Here is my stuff in the Purse Perfector®

Purse Perfector 4

When I put my Purse Perfector® inside my bag, I can easily see and find whatever I need!

Purse Perfector 5

When the conference is over, I can easily transfer my stuff into a new satchel or purse…

What is your favorite purse management tool?



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2 responses to ““Products We Love” Series – Purse Perfector®

  1. I like the cord storage item for pockets or bags. This purse perfector looks good for my backpack too.

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