Organizing YOUR Way

There is no one cookie-cutter organizing solution that fits everyone

There isn’t a cookie-cutter organizing solution that fits everyone

In the face of the wild success of Marie Kondo’s The Magical Art of Tidying Up we’ve seen a fair number of backlash articles resisting or mocking a strict methodology for clearing clutter. While we agree with many of Kondo’s philosophies, we recognize that organizing methods and outcomes need to fit the person trying to be organized.

Before you throw out the baby with the bath water, step back and take stock of your own organizing style and values. Why do YOU want to be organized? What does organized look like TO YOU? One of the things we’ve learned through our decades of organizing is that clutter is subjective; one person’s idea of chaos is another’s idea of serenity.

So here it is – The Official Permissions List from professional organizers as a counter balance to the de-clutter doctrines from the media:

  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In organizing terms, if you don’t experience some particular clutter as a pain point, then it isn’t really a problem for you. Move on to something that is a problem.
  • Take a break. Working at your own pace ensures you’ll last for the long haul. Is summer a time for you to be away on adventures? Go for it! Keep your tidying energy for packing a just-right suitcase.
  • Honor who you are and what’s important to you – not everybody wants to live in an IKEA showroom. What does your ideal home look like – and more importantly feel like?

For a quick laugh check out these 3 backlash articles:

Most importantly, we’d like people to understand Marie Kondo’s true aim: have your home support the life you want to be living.


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