Staying Organized

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Staying organized is a project in itself … it requires frequent tuning

Have you made a large investment in getting organized?  It takes time and sometimes money to get your home systems in good working order. Once you’re organized, how do you stay that way? Life is definitely not static and organizing systems need to flex and change along with life’s changes.

Take your car, for example. We take it as standard practice that cars need regular maintenance in order to have them run reliably. Sometimes that maintenance is a light tune up and sometimes it’s a major repair. A light tune up in your home would be weeding out a few books on your shelves in order to add some new ones. A major repair would be eliminating two whole shelves of books to make room for supplies for your new hobby.

The change of seasons, the beginning of the school year or the start of a new job all provide an impetus to take a walk through your home, looking for areas that need a tune-up:

• Are your household items scattered…with tools, dishes, papers or clothes dropped in various places with no rhyme or reason?  This could be evidence that the practice of keeping of “friends with friends” needs to be revisited. Gather those “like-things” together and put them where they belong.

• Are items of low value (or of little need) taking up prime real estate?  Is your just-used camping equipment in the middle of the garage blocking access to your Fall decorations or Halloween costumes? Has your specialty macadamia nut oil taken up residence on the counter, blocking access to the oils you use all the time? Keep your most used items close at hand.

• Are your craft supplies overflowing? Does it seem there is no end to what you could collect? Use the container as limiter concept to keep it all in check. A basket, drawer or shelf creates a natural boundary to prevent messy build-up.

Being organized means being able to put things away when you want to. When items have specific homes that fit them comfortably, it’s easier to keep your living space tidy. Protect your investment in organization by periodically “taking a look under the hood;” creating a regular maintenance schedule to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently…and feeling great!


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