10 Easy Steps To Tame Closet Clutter

Hanger uniformity creates visual clarity

Do you look in the closet and feel like you can’t actually see anything you want to wear? Closets are a place neatness matters. One of the keys to stress-free dressing is having your clothes easily visible.

Here are 10 tips to reduce the chaos and make your clothing choices jump out at you in the morning.

  1. Standardize your hangers. Using the same kind of hanger provides visual peace and continuity. It eliminates information you’re brain is having to process so it can focus on the clothes. And have all clothes facing in the same direction.
Mixed hanger types create visual clutter

Mixed hanger types create visual clutter

  1. Sort your clothes by sleeve length first, then color. When we’re choosing clothes to wear, usually we’re thinking first what would be appropriate for the weather, and then we look for color or style.
  1. Use closet rod dividers to separate types of clothes. These provide a visual clue where to start looking and keep clothes in their groupings when you’re putting things away.
  1. Remove excess hangers and dry-cleaning bags. They obscure what you have and catch on other stuff.
  1. Locate areas of wasted space. Is there room to add a second, lower bar? Is there wall space that could accommodate hooks for belts, scarves, handbags or even necklaces?
  1. Don’t stack folded items more than 4 or 5 items high. If the stacks are too tall, they are bound to topple and create mess.
  1. When stacking folded items, make the round, folded edge face outward. This creates a cleaner pile and is easier to assess what you have.
  1. Respect the fact that your closet is prime real estate. Don’t use it as a dumping ground for things that belong elsewhere.
  1. Weed regularly. Keep a donation bag handy to drop things into when you realize you’re not going to wear them again
  1. If possible, get shoes off the floor. At a minimum, use a shoe rack and get them up where you can see them. If shoes are stored under your clothes, they are hard to see. Consider using the back of your closet door to hang a shoe compartment bag. Some people even keep shoes in a rolling container under the bed.

Try even 2 or 3 of these tips to experience the relief an orderly closet can provide on a daily basis. Do you have a simple trick you use to keep your closet neat? Share it with us!


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