3 Organizing Lessons from Downton Abbey


Are you following Downton Abbey like we are? We enjoy witnessing the pleasure that comes living in a well maintained home…or castle. In the PBS series, the building is a character in its own right, lovingly cared for as much as (most of) the people.

Here are three observations to inspire you to take your home organizing projects to heart.

Everybody has a role in maintaining the home. It’s not about creating a hierarchy; the efficiency comes from the fact that the household has clearly defined jobs. There are many routine and occasional tasks that keep a house well maintained. Everyone can have a role to help get the work done and you can be flexible about switching around who does what. A most valuable role is that of a household manager who oversees the running of the entire household.  If there are more duties than the people in the house can handle, it may be time to hire help to take care of the maintenance tasks.

The lady’s maids always use their downtime to accomplish something. They fill the gaps in their day doing the odd jobs that in real life often get neglected for months: mending, repairs, specialty cleaning. Look for those little opportunities to catch up on those odd tasks that don’t get done with regular housework.

A home that is well cared for facilitates fluid social interactions both within and outside the family. There are less distractions and more space. The family can easily grab a game and play together or have space to just be in each other’s company. It feels great to host people with a clean, welcoming home and a full pantry.

We acknowledge that the people in your household are a far cry from an army of staff enabling you to live a life of leisure but implementing some of these tips on a small scale may introduce more satisfaction in your life.

We know there are many more organizing lessons to glean from this show.  What has hit home for you?


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