The Junk Drawer

Hooray for junk drawers! What is the most unusual thing you can find in your junk drawer?

Everything Neat


What’s in your junk drawer?

Do you have one or more junk drawers that are filled with so many things that you simply can’t find what you’re looking for?

On a recent rainy day I needed some birthday candles.  I knew I had some and I knew they were in the junk drawer.  After rummaging and poking around I finally found them.  They had spilled out of their little paper box and were strewn amongst odd bits of rubber bands, pencils, paper clips, and a myriad of other useful (???)  things.

So I started to think about junk drawers and my love/hate relationship with them…I mean who likes “junk”?  Maybe they should be called “Bits and Bobs Drawers” or simply call it the “WID” ….short for “What’s It Drawer”.  Growing up, my parents always had one, I have one in the kitchen, one at my office and one in the…

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