A Place for Everything … The Power of One


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A place for everything and everything in it’s place…the adage does make for an organized … and neat … house. Sometimes it’s more important to create a quick and simple place to put certain items and less important where or what that place looks like. Here are 5 things where having a dedicated home will instantly reduce clutter and stress.

Tax Related Papers

Charitable deductions, deductible receipts, tax forms such as 1099s, W-2’s, K-1’s….No matter how simple or complicated your tax life is, understand what you need to fill out that tax planner or what needs to be in the pile to hand over to your accountant. Having it all in one place reduces tax prep to a few hours instead of days or weeks.

Election Material

During election season, we get inundated with marketing flyers for different propositions and measures. Create a spot where they can easily be collected then review at your leisure to eliminate duplicates and to compare who is endorsing what.

Summer Camp/Vacation Planning

Resources and ideas on these flow in all year but often heaviest in Feb/Mar. Being able to quickly put your hands on the latest flyer (or the one from last year that you opted out of but want to revisit) helps streamline schedule planning and decision making.


Nothing creates clutter quite like keepsake items sprinkled liberally on surfaces throughout the house. Pick a few choice drawings/photos/objects to have on display and create a keepsake box for each member of the family. That way when the next trinket or tidbit that reminds you of a special time flows in you can unite it with its friends in the keepsake box. Generally we recommend keeping photos in separate boxes from keepsake items.


Keeping dates in multiple places is a recipe for missed appointments and lots of stress. Pick one method – wall calendar, purse planner, iCal, Google Calendar, etc. and stick to it.

But what about digital?

How do you manage if some of the information is digital and some in paper? The same concept applies – use a named folder to gather specific items and keep digital files in one place. Using cloud-based storage such as Google drive or Dropbox give you access from any device. Also software such as Evernote make it easy to collect websites, notes, photos all in one “notebook”.

Have a questions about how to make this happen in your house? Ask it here, we’ll answer!


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