Declutter Your Bathroom

Sanity restored under the sink

Sanity restored under the sink

This weekend Dana embarked on a long-overdue project to go through her bathroom cabinets and get things re-organized. The bathroom had been organized – a couple different times in the 9 years she’s lived there. This time it had been about 3 years since she tackled the space. It was time to play catch-up with life’s inevitable accumulations

How did she do it?

First step: The Big Sort

She divided the items into broad categories: Body, Face, Hair, Dental, First Aid, Medication, Travel Supplies.

Sorting things into these “friend-groups” helped with the purging – she could easily see what was extra and take out the things she didn’t want.

What got jettisoned?

  • Expired medications
  • Toiletries no longer needed or wanted
  • Hair accessories
  • Extra travel containers

What’s left?

She found it interesting to have first-hand experience (again) of the layers of actual emotions involved in organizing. Purging things she felt were useful and had paid good money for but knew she really didn’t want – and wouldn’t likely use – was a challenge. That strong pull to hold on to things for emotional reasons instead of practical ones was compelling.

Hair supplies chaos tamed!

Hair supplies chaos tamed!

Here’s what she’s conflicted about getting rid of:



  • 3 bottles of really nice body oils that she’ll never use. Either they don’t smell right or they’re too greasy. You know the kind! These containers can be recycled after the contents are poured into the compost.
  • 3 bottles of a face cleansing system bought after a great facial
  • a few cans of Halloween hair color spray that need to go to household hazardous waste drop-off but she isn’t ready to make that special trip.

The sad reality of this project was it did create a lot of landfill – used cosmetics, random plastic packaging that isn’t recyclable, broken hair clips and ties.

As much as possible she tried to empty things out and recycle the containers. But the frustrating part is that there is always waste.


Daily supplies corralled on the counter

Now, as she pulls open cabinets and drawers. Dana is able to keep track of all her toiletries. What she uses is accessible and she knows exactly what (and where) her extras are. Every day she gets to experience that feeling of lightness and freedom that comes from being organized and completing a project…for another 3 years, hopefully. Conscious consumption will definitely decrease the influx of unused products, but it is inevitable that items will flow into our lives that we don’t need or want. Even organizers need to practice the art of letting go.

By the way, if you’re interested in some body oil, let Dana know.



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