Even Organizers Need An Organizer Sometimes

Katherine tells the story of her home office…

I wanted to turn my grown daughter’s abandoned room into a full-fledged office but I all I had was a piecemeal of cabinets and desktops.  To get a more professional feel, I figured I’d need to have my desk and countertop custom built.

My first step was to have a contractor come and help me figure out the best configuration and give me a bid.  I had heard great things about Bay Home & Window so I made an appointment.  Their designer, Jeff Johnson came to my home and gave me a plan that was way better than I had imagined!  It seemed pricey compared to my makeshift set-up, but I loved the design. I stalled on purchasing the new office furniture and I wasn’t sure why.

As it turns out, I was stuck because I didn’t know what my needs were until I got really organized. That’s when I brought in my professional organizer colleague.

What were my goals?

  1. I wanted to create a custom built-in desk and file system suited to the way I work
  2. I like lots of open desktop space to work on projects and wanted easy access to the information I need every day
  3. My receipts system was inadequate…too much paper stuffed into my receipts drawer
  4. I wanted to streamline tax preparation

What got accomplished that I wouldn’t have done on my own?

  1. I spent time sorting through the little bits in my drawers that I wouldn’t have wanted to spend time doing…it was tedious, but getting it done helped clear the logjam
  2. I made paper files that mirrored my tax categories in my financial software program – Schedule C and business use of home categories
  3. I purged many files from past conferences and trainings and archived many others

How long did it take?

I went through 8 file drawers, 1 receipts drawer and 2 supplies drawers – purging old docs, refreshing file labels and creating new files from the homeless pieces of paper I found in and around my desk.  It took about 4 hours.


  • I was able to pare down my files and supplies stored from 8 to 6 drawers, saving me from having to purchase another file cabinet (at least $300)
  • My active client and project files got moved up to desk level to enable easy access
  • Clearing out unnecessary paper and gathering my miscellanous notes into a system helped me feel less burdened by my “To-Do’s”


a more organized office

a more organized office

I didn’t expect to feel such a powerful sense of relief from dealing with that drawer of miscellaneous bits.  I never thought it would be worth my time.  I look in my drawer and there is a sense of clarity and …dare I say…HAPPINESS? that what I truly need and use is right there, at my fingertips!

I am now able to confidently move forward with a built-in desk system that works for me…without over-building (and over-paying.)  I’ll keep you posted on the progress!


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