ADHD and Relationships: Strategies for Both Partners


Are you repeatedly reminding your ADHD partner about the same things and feeling like your partner doesn’t really listen, or isn’t interested in cooperating?

Do you have ADHD and feel you are constantly criticized even though you’re trying your best? Do you have the sense that no matter how hard you try you still make mistakes?

Join us for this workshop (either on your own for $50 or with your partner $70) and get the tools you need to make life easier and your relationship more joyful!

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You’ll learn how to develop and implement habits & skills that can make life easier for both of you. Key topics will include:

  • Understanding how to manage expectations.
  • Developing communication strategies that work for both of you.
  • Mindfulness techniques as the antidotes to the criticism, contempt, stonewalling or defensiveness that may be failing you.
  • Identifying your partner’s love language and developing the love languages that work for each of you.


ADHD Coach Sydney Metrick, PhD & Marriage & Family Therapist Bowbay Feng, MFT

As someone who is herself challenged with ADHD, coach Sydney Metrick, PhD helps clients develop and implement habits that make life easier for themselves and those around them.

Bowbay Feng, MFT is a therapist who works with couples on developing interpersonal skills and communication strategies that enable successful and enriched relationships. She also brings a background of over 20 years of mindfulness.


Envoy Mortgage – San Pablo Dam Rd. @ El Portal, El Sobrante, California 94803


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