3 Things I Learned From My Productivity Coach



Katherine recently attended a workshop of her favorite productivity coach, Wendy Edelstein of ChangeoverCoaching.com.  She learned a few things that she thought would be helpful. Here are her top 3 takeaways.

1 – It takes a concerted effort

It takes a concerted effort to increase productivity. You have to decide what habits you will do to be more productive, what you won’t do, and what your goal is. Making these decisions helps you realize you are “at choice” and have control over your productivity.

I WILL — what habits do you need to embrace to be more productive? For example, meditating, delegating, or using a timer to keep you on task.

I WON’T – what behaviors are interfering with your productivity? For me, I needed to stop wasting time playing online solitaire which leads me down a path that doesn’t make me feel proud. Other examples: distracting yourself by checking email or texts, working on an insignificant task instead of the one you really want to get done.

I WANT – what rewards will you reap from getting things done? Choose actions from a place of purpose. Get clear about the benefits you gain from achieving even the most onerous tasks. My goal is to be able to have boundaries around my work so I can enjoy my time off whether it be an evening, weekend or vacation.

2 – Fear is a factor

Fear is a powerful motivator to be unproductive. Many times we’re not aware of the underlying fears that are motivating our avoidance behaviors. I found my own un-productivity often reflects my fear of being found fabulous or of being a failure. In my mind, I can’t seem to win.

3 – Mindfulness is a tool

Meditation is a productivity tool.  It helps to discipline our minds by building our “focus” muscles.  This is critical because making choices to be productive requires mindfulness.  One of my problems is that my mind tends to flit from one task to the next, totally at the whim of my capricious saboteur. Since the workshop, with the help of an accountability partner, I’ve committed to meditating every day in the morning.

Overall, I learned that, with help, anyone can be more productive. As with many things, consciousness is the first step for effecting change.  Productivity is not about having the magic tool or app…the same way that buying containers doesn’t make one more organized.  It comes down to facing my internal state and customizing a plan that works for me.

What are 3 things holding you back from the productivity you desire?




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