About Us

Putting our heads together to bring you fun solutions to organizing challenges.We started this blog to give simple tips to deal with the everyday challenges that can swamp us.   We’ve found it’s easier than you think to get organized, and can actually be fun!

About Dana Arkinzadeh: Dana started her business, DMA Organizing, over 10 years ago from the desire to work directly with people to improve their lives through easier living with their stuff.  Being a professional organizer allows her to use some of her strongest skills and experience: creative problem solving and personal communication.

The heart of why she enjoys her work so much is her clients; she gets so much pleasure from helping someone understand how their space will work best for them. One person’s idea of clutter is another’s idea of neatness. Dana can be reached at 510-206-4812.  Her website: www.DMAOrganizing.com

About Katherine Korlacki:  Planning to be a marriage and family counselor, Katherine completed her masters degree in counseling.  She started her own family at that time, which put her plans to help couples on hold.  Then, when her widowed mother decided she wanted to move to the beach, bringing just a suitcase, it became apparent that help was needed to manage the clear-out, fix up and sale of the family home.    That project became Katherine’s first organizing job and she soon joined the National Association of Professional Organizers.

She has been helping families and individuals clear clutter, create systems for their paper and facilitate transformation for hundreds of satisfied customers for almost 20 years. Katherine can be reached at 510-525-3310. Her website: www.KKorlacki.com

2 responses to “About Us

  1. Howard

    Loves the NOTES! You guys should not just wear a mask…but a cape, too!

  2. We wear invisible capes so as not to overwhelm our clients.

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