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Paper: to Keep or Toss? Problem Solved

Using Freedom Filer® takes the guesswork out of paper filing

Your Filing is Finished!

“What do I need to keep and how long should I keep it?”

This is one of the most asked questions we get from clients around their papers.

For years now we’ve been using FreedomFiler® with clients. We love this system because it really teaches clients exactly that – what do you need to keep and for how long?

The beauty of the FreedomFiler® system is that it does the work of making these decisions for you. It is designed to cycle papers OUT of the files – forever eliminating the need to set aside time to “purge the filing cabinet”.

FreedomFiler® is made up of 4 color-coded sections:

  • GREEN for monthly miscellaneous transactions
  • BLUE for tax-related transactions
  • RED for permanent family and property records
  • ORANGE/YELLOW for current policies, agreements
  • You may set up an optional fifth section in PURPLE, for saving literature, articles, and notes

When filing papers with FreedomFiler®, you only have to figure out what kind of paper you are holding; that determines which color group it gets filed in and the color group will determine how long it’s kept.

To use the system ask 4 simple questions

  1. Does this paper require immediate action or follow-up?
  2. Can I use this paper for taxes?
  3. Is this a vital record belonging to a person or an asset?
  4. Is this a newer version of an existing document?

Click the graphic below to see how it works:

Freedom Filer makes filing easy

Could it be that easy?  YES!

If you use FreedomFiler® share your experience.  If you have a question, share that too!



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Tax Paper Organizing With FreedomFiler®

FFSetUpHorizZoomJPGGathering statements, receipts and documents for tax time is often a reminder of how important it is to have your papers in order.

Would you like to be able to gather your tax information in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days? The start of a new year is always a good time to take a fresh look at your paper filing system and consider a complete overhaul.

The FreedomFiler® filing system is an amazing solution to paper clutter. Specifically for tax-related documents FreedomFiler® provides:

  • Specific homes for each type of tax deduction you take avoids time-consuming sorting at year-end
  • Keeps receipts & statements for the year just ended separate from the current year
  • All tax-related paperwork in one easy place
  • An easy system for archiving completed taxes out of the main filing area

There are several more parts to the complete FreedomFiler® system, which we will showcase in future posts! Watch a video of how the tax system works or call us today for a consultation.

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