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5 Tips To Create An Organized Kitchen

Who doesn’t need a banana saver?

Kitchens are one of the hardest-working rooms in a home. They get used multiple times a day, often by multiple people. They have to house super high-use items such as cookware, dishes and silverware, and often very low-use items such as the ice cream maker or pizza stone.

If you’re lucky, when you moved into your home your kitchen was filled perfectly, where items you use the most were put in the ideal location, your bins and drawers were divided and labeled so everyone could find (and put away) what they needed.   Over time, even the best order in cabinets gets challenged by changes in the family needs and new additions to the stuff we own. Kids grow up, Tupperware lids get lost, cooking styles change, new equipment is brought in.

When it’s time to hit the reset button, follow these tips!

Tip 1:

Clear the counters or kitchen table so you have space to go through items. It can be helpful to have a few medium sized cardboard boxes on hand to group like items together until you find them all and have decided where they’re going to live.

Tip 2:

Work on one area at a time. Completely empty the shelves or drawers and give them a good wipe down. Refresh shelf liner if needed.

Tip 3:

PURGE! Toss out broken or chipped dishes.  Remove out of date food.  Take the time to match up all the food storage containers with their lids and toss the orphans. This is your time to re-acquaint yourself with your stuff – be realistic about what you use and create space to keep it by releasing things you don’t.

Tip 4:

Put things back in locations that makes sense and match the need to access them. The most accessible areas should house frequently used items. It makes sense to store dishes within reach of the dishwasher and large bowls near the prep area, for example.

Tip 5:

Use Organizing products to create more usable space.

Tiered Riser

Shelf risers maximize the prime real estate. And don’t forget that most shelves are adjustable; place the shelves where they make sense for YOUR stuff instead of just using their default position.

drawer dividers - 1

Drawer dividers help keep items sorted by size and use. In deep cabinets use drawers and pull-outs as much as possible. Bed Bath and Beyond and Container Store both sell pull-out shelves you can add to existing shelves. Custom pull-outs fully maximize the space.

Pull outs and drawers

Pantry storage containers and deep storage bins can be very useful to group types of foods.

If you’re going to tackle the entire kitchen in one session, plan for a full day. Otherwise set aside an hour per cabinet (2 to 3 hours for a pantry). Investing the time and energy into one of the most important rooms in the house will pay off every time you cook, put away groceries or go to set the table!


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Organizing Tools of the Trade


At a recent meeting of our local NAPO Chapter fellow professional organizers shared their favorite tools for organizing jobs. Here are 5 that intrigued us:

Rubbermaid Flex‘n Carry totes. The short heights work really well for sorting items during clean up. When not in use, they stack easily and don’t take up a lot of storage space. The tall heights make fantastic hampers that provide air flow, a small footprint, and are easy to carry. Cost ranges from $13-21 based on size.


12” rotary paper trimmer for easily cutting shelf & drawer liners.



Here’s an example of a hand-held trimmer

Cooking spray or cooking oil is an alternative to GooGone® and GoofOff® to remove sticky residue.


Any salad oil could work

www.unroll.me is an email unsubscribe tool. It acts like a filter on your inbox, identifying subscription emails and letting you unsubscribe with a single click. Also gives you the option of getting a daily digest email of subscriptions you are interested in keeping.

www.mycloud.com for electronic organizing. It is a system with an external hard drive that acts as your personal cloud that can be accessed by any wifi enabled device without having to pay monthly fees to outside companies. Made by Western Digital.

Of course we can never leave home without our label makers, Sharpies® and Post-Its®… Have a home organizing tool you rely on? Share it here!

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