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Untangling Electronic Cable Clutter

cable salad

Who hasn’t opened a desk drawer to see a snarled rats nest of cables and electronic devices from the past? An intimidating and unappealing cable and device salad?

We live in a time of amazing technological advances but one of the drawbacks is that devices quickly become obsolete. Our consumer culture pressures us to keep replacing things, which creates a constant stream of electronic litter in our homes.

The charging and connecting cords that go with these items create an extra layer of frustration and confusion around the issue. Hot tip: when you get a new device, take the time to wrap the cables! Purging old electronics becomes so much simpler when you can quickly grab the device and all it’s parts and cables.

bundled cables

Many people get rid of the electronics but don’t search for the cables (and even the CDs that that go with them) to dispose of at the same time. They’re left with a box of cables they are afraid to get rid of.  There might actually be a useful one in there for a device they still have. The box of chaos becomes a project for that mythical weekend when you’re going to organize your garage, sort your photos and finally deal with that box of cables. Yeah, right.

The simplest way to bundle cables is using twist ties. You can use the grocery store variety or a heavier duty kind – silicone twist ties, which are sturdy and easy to use. Ziploc bags work well to group accessories and software with the cables making it even easier to dispose of the group when the time comes.

It sounds like such a straightforward solution, but sometimes the simplest solutions are the most elegant.  And they can save you from future frustration. Your time is precious, invest a little bit up front to save yourself hours later.


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“Products We Love” Series – Cable Keeper

cable keeper by NEET
The options for cord and cable management are many and tangled. We’ve tried many over the years and all have some useful features and some drawbacks. Often, I see clients going back to the old stand-by – the trashbag twist-tie!

The Cable Keeper is a new twist on the old problem. I can’t say it’s going to solve every cord issue but it’s definitely worth a mention.

Basically it’s a colored fabric sleeve with sewn in wire that you slide the cord into. The flexible wire allows you to fold and manage the cord anyway necessary to create a solid bundle instead of a tangle or sloppy mess. Multiple cords can fit in one sleeve if desired.

Cable Keeper 2  Cable Keeper 3

The color varieties give you the option to use color to identify different types of devices or whose cords are who’s in a family.


  • Wire structure gives all kind of folding flexibility
  • Lots of colors available for color-coding
  • Simple to load and use


  • Adds a fair bit of bulk to the cord
  • Folded cord isn’t as compact as with some other management tools

Gotta product you want to see reviewed by us?  Let us know?

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