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AAckk! I don’t want to get rid of ANYTHING!!

How many black shoes are “enough” for one woman?

You are not alone if you’ve ever had trouble letting go of extra stuff in your life…if there is a critical  mass of it.  When you evaluate things individually, everything seems like it has value.  BUT, when you put it in the context of like items, it’s importance can change.

For example, if you’ve ever picked up a pair of black shoes off your closet floor and thought, “Wow, these are good to have!  They’re practical.”  But would you feel the same way about that pair of black shoes if there were 5 similar ones arrayed out on the floor?

The first step to lightening your load is to gather “like” items together.  Sorting items by type helps you see exactly what you have.  Grouping things lets you make contextual choices…making it easier to pick out what is the MOST relevant or the best items and to let the rest go.

Next time you have that  feeling that everything is precious or useful, pick just one type of item to purge.  For example, those black shoes…gather all the black shoes you own from your closets, your car, under the bed or anywhere else. Take a look at all of them and give yourself a reality check about which ones are really worth keeping.  If you’re still feeling stuck, make three piles – yes, no and maybe.  That way, at least you’ve made a conscious choice about most of them.

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