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Sorting Out Kids Clothes

Are your children growing like weeds? … and are their dresser drawers overflowing with clothes that don’t fit?

In anticipation of the new school year, hit the reset button and make space in their drawers for their new wardrobe. It’s a great opportunity to teach kids about the ongoing need to purge items that no longer serve a purpose – and possibly pass them along to someone who can use them.

Cycling Clothes Between Siblings

Saving good clothes for a younger child when the older one has outgrown them sounds like a great idea: Re-use, Recycle, Reduce – right?

The reality can be a messy pile stuffed onto a closet shelf or floor, a bag with mixed-up sizes and generally an inconvenient hassle to actually find what you want to re-use. Sometimes by the time you find the clothes, the younger kid is already too big for what you’ve found.

The easiest way to cycle clothes between siblings is to use storage tubs pre-labeled with sizes.

For clothes to pass on to a younger child:

  • Get adhesive label pockets for the outside of a medium sized tub. The Container Store has a few kinds or you can get them from an office supply store
  • Create a set of labels that will go into the sleeves that cover all the sizes that your child will outgrow. For example if your child now wears a size 4, create label inserts “size 4”, “size 5”, “size 6”, etc. You don’t need a tub for each size…just 2-3 tubs
  • Store the extra labels behind the current label, ready to swap out when needed
  • If you receive clothes from friends/relatives for your oldest, create a few tubs with those larger sizes as well to store them
  • If possible, store the tub labeled with the current size of each child in their closet so that as soon as you notice something is outgrown, in the tub it goes!
  • If you don’t have room for tubs, grocery bags can work in a pinch

For those clothes you want to save for other kids:

  • If you collect clothes to pass on outside your family create a specific tub names for that special cousin or friend
  • Always keep a donation bag handy in a kid’s closet – when it’s full, move it straight to the car and replace it with an empty!

Middle School and Beyond

The transition from child to tween is often a time when folded clothes start needing more room than small dresser drawers.

  • Bulky items such as sweatshirts and jeans often do better folded on open shelving in a closet
  • If a closet has been used for toys it may be time to retire those and take over the space for clothes.
  • If the closet only has a hanging rod it’s a good time to consider a makeover to reduce the amount of hanging space in order to add some shelving.
  • Graduate to an adult size dresser

You can save money, save the environment and build community by recycling your children’s clothes and passing them on when they’re outgrown. Start today by at least setting up 2 labeled bags: one for donations and one for your oldest child’s current size; you’ll be on your way to a sorted system.

Have you come up with a great sorting system? Share it in a comment here!


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Dress Up Your Wardrobe for the Holidays

Tips for Holiday Dressing

Tips for Holiday Dressing

This week, as a slight tangent to organizing, we invited professional stylist Jalyn Tani Lang to teach us how to mine our closets to easily create a “special” outfit for holiday events. Perhaps this will inspire you to take on a closet makeover after the holidays!

Holidays spell joy and good cheer but can also spell “fashion crisis”! What to wear to that special event? Do you dig out that reindeer sweater and flashing lights necklace? Here are some ideas, on trend, to lessen the sartorial anxiety and have you looking festive AND stylish!

Use Accessories to up the bling quotient and add some pizazz to slacks, suits or dresses

  • Sparkly pumps with a pointed toe or bejeweled smoking slipper or flats
  • Dangly rhinestone earrings
  • Statement necklace
  • Beaded collars added to a tailored blouse or simple sweater
  • ornate cocktail rings and bold bracelets
  • pearl necklaces, layered in multiples
  • sumptuous shawls
  •  embellished scarves

Use Fabrics for elegance

  • velvet pants or blazers
  • brocade jacket or pants
  • lace in anything– a skirt, a blouse, a scarf or shawl
  • silk crepe blouse and tuxedo suit

Use Color and Pattern

  • in a sea of black, a head to toe winter white outfit will stand out
  • black and gold make a strong pairing
  • a dress in a saturated hue, emerald green, cobalt blue, plum, purple
  • metallics are a festive neutral, use liberally
  • color blocking continues to be a strong trend
  • animal prints add strong accents to any outfit

Putting it all together:

  • Re-imagine a sheath or A-line dress by adding a dressy jacket, sequined cardigan or bolero jacket. Add knockout jewelry, sparkly heels and an evening bag. An embellished or animal print belt can define the waist.
  • A metallic tank or top under a suit can go to work. But change out your work shoes for evening shoes, your huge tote for a small glittery clutch, your dainty jewelry for some statement pieces, and your suit now goes to the office party. Another idea is to button up your white blouse under your suit and add a colorful sparkly statement necklace.
  • Coated denim jeans in a metallic or rich color, paired with a cashmere sweater in a brilliant color with a statement necklace and fun footwear is casual but party ready
  • The tuxedo look is always a classic and sophisticated and with Patent leather brogues, you are on trend.
  • If you love all things vintage: A poufy skirt, with a cropped fitted sweater, rhinestone clip ons, with fitted ankle boots or sparkly flats, and a beaded clutch and beaded cardigan for a cool retro look.

You need not spend a fortune to look like a million bucks! Have fun with holiday dressing, confident that you’re current and stylish.



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