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Tapping Spring Energy To De-clutter

Saturday Evening Post article: "End Clutter Now"

Does Clutter Have You Feeling Trapped?

Spring is the season of renewal and freshness. We think of spring cleaning, good weather, beautiful flowers blooming. The March/April 2013 issue of the Saturday Evening Post has a great article describing the connection between our state of mind and the state of our homes. Here are 3 key quotes from the article, End Clutter Now, by Iyna Caruso:

  • “‘A systematic pattern of home neglect is really a form of self-neglect,’ says Dr. Holly Parker, a practicing psychologist and faculty member of Harvard University.”
  • “As a nation of affluence, we buy without thinking what we’re going to do with it, how we’re going to use it, and where we’re going to put it. And because we’re busier than ever, we have less time to figure it all out.”
  • “Clutter is an energy sapper that takes its emotional toll and steals domestic joy. If home is where the heap is, it’s a good bet family members are more stressed and less productive.”

Clutter can be a symptom of depression but it can also cause it.

Take advantage of the energy of new growth that comes with spring and tackle the clutter in your home.  Iyna Caruso created a list of seven steps to do this.

7 Steps to Clutter Control

As the author points out, “If the task still seems daunting, or the situation has gotten a bit too out of hand, consider hiring a professional organizer who’ll come to your home to help you prioritize and systematize.”

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